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Architecture and Modernity: A Critique by Hilde Heynen downloads torrent
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Product Details:

Author(s): Hilde Heynen

Category: Architecture

Date: 1999-04-30

Pages: 275

Publisher: The MIT Press

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0262082640

ISBN-13: 9780262082648

Format: pdf

Book Description:

Critical theories such as those of the Frankfurt School of the twenties and thirties gave rise to a complex and sophisticated critique of modernity and modernism. The history and theory of twentieth-century architecture, which developed rather independently of this rich tradition, appear naive and unbalanced in comparison. In this exploration of the relationship between modernity, dwelling, and architecture, Hilde Heynen attempts to bridge this gap between the discourse of the modern movement and cultural theories of modernity. On one hand, she discusses architecture from the perspective of critical theory, and on the other she modifies positions within critical theory by linking them with architecture. She assesses architecture as a cultural field that structures daily life and that embodies major contradictions inherent in modernity, arguing that architecture nonetheless has a certain capacity to adopt a critical stance vis-a-vis modernity.

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GO Downloads Architecture and Modernity: A Critique by Hilde Heynen

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